The company

We design and manufacture modern and personalized staircases

The Marche region is a unique area, thanks to its variety of activities and business. Large, small and medium sized companies coexist with many craft workshops, which carry on the long tradition of arts and crafts of the region.

The Santoni family has been present in the artisan sector since 1989 and operates with great professionalism.
The craftsmanship has always represented the strength of Santoni’s production, for a product that perfectly combines tradition with technological innovation, and the result are unique creations of great value.

The company has a 1000 square meter warehouse and is able to satisfy every need, from stairs for private homes to works for bigger structures. The company punctually delivers the finished product throughout Italy and abroad.

Great care is also given to the materials used in the manufacturing which are personally chosen by the owners and are always of excellent quality.
One of the highlights of Santoni’s products are the excellent custom-made helical staircases and other special staircases, whose manufacturing requires unique professional skills, that only a few in Italy can offer.

How we work



During the first phase of the project, you can request a survey at home by our specialized technicians in order to verify and integrate all the information and data.


Design and manufacturing

Each staircase must be made to measure, according to the space and style of the customer. For this reason Santoni Scale offers a professional design service with 3D rendering of every detail, able to satisfy any need.


Assembly and installation

Choosing a good staircase is important but a correct installation is essential. And this is why Santoni Scale not only offers high quality stairs but also high-standard installation techniques carried out with certified products.

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