Railings and parapets

Railings and parapets are architectural elements that meet two main requirements: protection and safety.

In addition to these two fundamental functions, both elements can take on an important aesthetic value. In fact we want to bring beauty and design to each individual project. For over 30 years we have been designing railings using a wide variety of materials: wood, painted metal, stainless steel and glass, in order to offer different solutions, according to the individual needs.

We are able to combine design and safety: our experience shows, in fact, that the adoption of adequate architectural measures allows to manufacture a product that can be solid and attracting at the same time.
The railings and balustrades can be adapted to the special requirements of our customers. They can be created with different materials such as wrought iron, wood, steel and glass. They are mounted on existing stairs and / or in masonry, they can be painted with standard colors or with other colors on request.

This solution allows you to completely renew the design of an indoor or outdoor staircase simply by changing the railing; thus giving a new face to a house or apartment without completely distorting its structure.

Railings and parapets, a wide selection of projects

Renew your railing or parapet!

We have always operated in the production of custom-made railings, parapets and balustrades. Each product carefully designed and manufactured. Strength, versatility and design are the main characteristics of our products, the result of research, experience and professionalsm.

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