Outdoor stairs

Santoni scale realizes outdoor stairs with structures treated in a particular way, in order to guarantee a great resistance to atmospheric agents.

The design of outdoor staircases by Santoni scale is in fact conceived to guarantee quality, sturdiness, but above all reliability and durability.

For outdoor staircases, glass, but above all, stone are used, in addition to steel treated and painted with high quality products. The outdoor staircases maintain the captivating design, always characterized by pleasant and harmonious lines and technologically advanced solutions.

Outdoor staircases can be made with different shapes: it is possible to design helical outdoor staircases, outdoor spiral staircases with a square plan, straight outdoor staircases.

Outdoor stairs, a wide selection of projects

Outdoor stairs will meet the needs and tastes of the customer

An essential element in manufacturing staircases, whether they are emergency stairs or stairs to access elevated places

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