Open stairs

Open staircases allow quick access to the various parts of the house, connecting two or more levels in a functional and practical way, with originality and innovation.

The design of these stairs is the result of a great craftsmanship experience that focuses on safety, functionality and design. During the creation of open staircases there are several factors to consider in order to create a suggestive product that can be adapted both to classical and contemporary environments.

We us materials that can be perfectly combined to different styles, such as wood, steel and glass.

Open staircases are characterized by a load-bearing structure on which the individual steps are placed. The structure can be of two types: central to the step or composed of two bands (or lateral beams) that contain the step inside them.

Other typical elements of open staircases are:

  • the railing, installed along the flight of the staircase, which can have various shapes and finishes
  • the handrail, which can be made in wood or steel in the same finishes and colors used in the staircase

Open staircases in steel, wood or glass? Try to imagine!

These indoor staircases are ideal both for rather large spaces and for smaller environments, such as a small mezzanine.

You can choose among different types of open staircases: the steel stairs are very popular, perfect for both modern and traditional designs, made however with strong and resistant materials such as wood or structural glass, a particular glass used to manufacture sturdy stairs with an extremely elegant design.

From a structural point of view, the choice can range from staircases with a particularly robust and evident structure to typically minimal style models, such as those without handrails.

In short, if you are looking for stairs, the “open” models really offer many interesting design opportunities suitable for all kinds of environments.

Open staircases, a wide selection of projects

The open staircase is the most used type of internal staircase

Unique and original, the right stairs when you have space problems

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