Helical stairs

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Customized helical staircases

Helical stairs owe their name to their appearance resembling a curve or helix.

This particular structure connects the various levels thanks to a fluid circular rotation. For this reason, the helical staircase is ideal for interiors and exteriors, shops, showrooms and lobbies of public spaces as well as for various commercial and residential solutions.

At Santoni Scale, we are sure that helical staircases perfectly combine practicality with an elegant design capable of becoming a perfect and captivating piece of furniture.
Customized helical staircases can be made with a wide variety of materials, including: stainless steel, glass and wood, matching the design of any style.

For example, you can combine a frameless glass balustrade to a stainless steel staircase, giving light to the space and creating a modern and surprising habitat.

What are the advantages of helical stairs?

Helical stairs are commonly known as curved stairs. They have the typical helix shape but too often they are confused with spiral staircases.

In fact, the two types of stairs origin from completely different concepts, designs and aspects.
Helical staircases are a suggestive alternative to the more conventional spiral staircases whose steps, turning around a pole, severely limit the passage. The helical staircases, on the other hand are much more comfortable and functional.

Not surprisingly, helical staircases are often located in open spaces, l especially at the entrance where they offer a visual impact of great opening, both in modern and traditional environments. The helical staircases are also suitable for commercial buildings as they facilitate the transition from one department and / or environment. They will add a touch of great elegance to your agency, office area in a company, or your shop.

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Helical stairs, a wide selection of projects

When craftsmanship and innovation merge with design

Both in wide and small spaces, a helical staircase adds an essence of luxury to an interior. By applying a variety of fixings to your staircase, the opportunities to customize this style are endless. Impress your visitors or guests with this elliptical construction.

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