Cantilevered stairs

Cantilevered stairs, also called suspended stairs, represent an extremely light solutions and can be made with different materials.
In floating stairs, also known as cantilevered stairs, there are no supports between the steps, giving the illusion that they have floating steps. It is for this reason that cantilevered stairs are popular in homes where you want to create a real effect factor.

The cantilevered stairs, thanks to their essential style and the ability to adapt to any type of environment, represent the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. They are characterized by the apparent absence of a real supporting structure and by steps that seem to be fixed directly to the wall.

The cantilevered staircases can easily be personalized, choosing between different shapes, sizes and finishes. They represent a solution that is both modern and aesthetically pleasing, respecting all customer needs and tastes, and combining functionality and design.

Their design is studied in every detail in order to guarantee stability and solidity.

Cantilevered stairs, a wide selection of projects

Cantilevered or suspended stairs

Cantilevered staircases or suspended staircases are considered the ultimate design solution, as they offer maximum aesthetics with minimal visual impact.

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