Design, production and installation of stairs for indoor e outdoor

Personalized stairs with quality Italian design for customers all over the world

“We do what we love and we to build extraordinary stairs”

Santoni is a family-run company that designs, manufactures and installs design staircases for customers all over the world. We guide our clients from the very first idea of a project until the finished and installed product. Hereby we offer a range of different services such as the design service and the feasibility study.

We offer our clients different types of staircases, like contemporary staircase designs, tailor-made and engineered to the specific rquirements of the project. Modern stairs for indoor, classic stairs, self-supporting stairs and helical stairs are just some of our best solutions. We use materials such as wood, glass, steel and concrete. We are researching continuously on new materials and connections to make our staircases lighter and more impressive, like a real piece of art.

scala elicoidale

The company

Since 1989 we have dedicated ourselves to stair design and manufacturing.

The Santoni family has been present for over 30 years on the market and works professionally in the field of staircases production.

The craftsmanship has always represented our strength, for a product that perfectly combines tradition with technological innovation, and the result are unique creations of great value.

Helical stairs
Cantilevered stairs
Open stairs
Two-blade stairs
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Design stairs for all tastes

Santoni scale operates in the area between Ancona, Macerata and Pesaro in the Marche region. You can choose between different structures, some with a modern design and others with more classical lines

Some solutions combine both styles, creating a very harmonious and elegant contrast.

Functionality and aesthetic impact will always characterize our project.

Uniqueness, style and quality

Each staircase is born as a unique piece and originally combines to the living space. Contact us and we will design the perfect staircase for your environment!

Contact us and ask for a quote or more detailed information.

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When craftsmanship and innovation merge with design

Santoni Scale provides you with the experience and expertise in the production of custom-made staircases gained over the years. We offer increasingly high-level services in order to accompany the customer to choose, guiding and advising with care and transparency from the first design until the final installation

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